UNC vs. Virginia Game Gatekeepers Needed

Fr. Phillip Leach at the Newman Center needs our help.
It seems that the students are gone the weekend of October 22nd and that is a game weekend. They are in desperate need of 30 volunteers to man the gates and collect tickets.
If you are a Tarheel fan, this is your chance to help. Here is how:
You must wear khaki pants/shorts, plan white shirt with collar, closed toed shoes. Appearance is important.
Volunteers should report to Gate 2. We have four parking passes for the NC 54 lot which can be provided to some volunteers the week before. Groups can carpool!.
You will need to be there two and a half hours before kickoff and stay until halftime. All volunteers get a pass for lunch and a drink. We don’t know what the game time is yet, but we’ll tell you in plenty of time (usually two weeks before the game) to make final plans.
Brother Knight Connie Raber, our Parish Roundtable Chair, is the council contact for this project. He needs your help.
Ready to sign up? Just e-mail him at: conrad.raber2@va.gov
Let’s show Fr. Leach that the the Knights will be there for him.

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