Bishop Gossman’s Piedmont Deanery Mass a Success

Thank you, thank you, to all of the council and Burlington knights who participated in the bishop’s farewell mass for the Piedmont Deanery.

We had six Knights in full regalia and three in social regalia.

All nine formed the Bishop’s Honor Guard and processed into the church to lead the religious, clergy, and Bishop into and out of the main church. It was beautiful and inspiring to all. Watch for pictures on our web site at

About a dozen other knights and their ladies were peppered throughout the church audience.

The comments from the St. Thomas More parish members and our guests were very much full of praise and appreciation for our participation. One of the priests (Siler City) was very proud of the knights in regalia and made it a point to commend each of us. He is also a member of the Fourth Degree and was proud to share this with us.

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