Parish Priest’s Appreciation Dinner

About forty Knights and their ladies joined together last night, September 5th, to honor our parish priest, Fr. John Durbin, at the La Residence in Chapel Hill.

After an open bar cocktail social gathering, everyone moved to the outdoor patio for dinner under the stars. The meal was served family style and included four courses. There were heavy hors’deuves at the bar and again on the patio. This was followed by a salad buffet. Then, to the delight and surprise of all, we were presented with the main course. Splendid, elegant, beyond expectation, all hint at the beautiful presentation of our main course.

There was a huge selection. Each dish drew “Oohs” and “Ahhs” from the ladies. There was something sure to delight everyone. There was prime rib, trout with red potatoes and corn sauce, lamb with Southern grits, salmon with Peruvian potato salad, and roasted pork chops sliced thick and served with creamed potatoes. There was a nice selection of steamed vegetables, too.

Dinner was followed by coffee and sweet treats of strawberries, puffed pastries with filling and chocolate, and dainty morsels of pecan pie squares.

It was one of those meals that is sure to be described over and over. (If you missed the event, well… there is always a next time. )

District Deputy (9) Haddon Ware and his wife also joined us as guests.

Many thanks to Grand Knight Gil Montoya for arranging for this event, and to Deputy Grand Knight Gene Keeling and his lovely wife, Lisa, for hosting it. “I was worried about the attendance,” Gene said, “but at the last minute it all came together and we have a great showing.”

Fr. Durbin was much appreciative of the display of support by his Knights and their families. He commended the knights not just for their work in the parish, but for their extended service to the local community through projects to help the handicapped, feed the poor, and to serve their neighbors. “These are the kinds of things that really make a difference,” he said.

We are all humbled and proud to be of service to the community, but our work is just a flicker of light when compared to the sacrifices and service to our parish and church by our Fr. John Durbin.

We look forward to making this an annual event. Won’t you join us next time?

The restaurant La Residence is owned and operated by parishioners. I encourage everyone to take the opportunity to dine there. It will be an evening to remember.

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