Newman Students Need Our Support

If you left church in a rush today, you missed the smiling faces of two UNC Chapel Hill students from the Newman Center. Your editor spotted them and stopped by.
I spoke with Kelly Dunlap. She was announcing their Alternative Spring Break activity. No, they are not Daytona Beach bound, and they are passing Ft. Lauderdale by too. So, where are they headed? To Montego Bay, Jamaica.
No beach parties for these students. They are on a mission of mercy and will work with handicapped children at one of the Mustard Seed orphanages scattered all over the island. That is where we come in. The students are selling tickets to a Silent Auction, Friday, Feb 1st, from 8 to 12 p.m. Tickets are just $30 per person. There will be wine, finger foods, and a chance to bid on auction items.
Some you are muttering as you read this. Yes, $30 is a little steep for wine and finger foods, but, wait. It is not about what we get for our $30. It is what you are enabling them to do with your money. You are empowering our youth to make a difference where it counts. Your editor applauds their drive, compassion and vision. I’ll be there with Yoli. How about you?
You can order your tickets by contacting the Newman Center and asking for tickets. Can’t attend? Call and ask them where to send a personal donation. Next, pick up the phone and call your Grand Knight. Tell him you support a motion to make a Council contribution of $100.

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