New Member Orientation and Open House – Nov 13th

Laney Rollins has been hard at work pulling a team of dedicated knights together just for you. If you are a new knight this event is for you. It is also a great event for our long-standing knights. What better way to get caught up with what is going on with the council than to attend an open house.

It is this Thursday, November 13th, at 7 p.m. in the Multi-purpose Room. Here is Laney’s announcement:

Our council will have one of the most important gatherings of the year, a chance to welcome prospective members into our organization. I have sent out 27 invitations, and we need a good showing from our membership. We have had a very active and successful year, and we have accomplished much for our faith and our community. There are many demands on your time, but please remember that this is something we do for ourselves. New members are the lifeblood of any organization. We are no different. Our leadership is the best in the state. Here’s what they say about Chapel Hill, “They’ve got it!” Short, sweet and to the point, but we need to build the council membership so we we can continue to be successful in our mission.

Our mission is to build our church and support our priests. Let’s give this project 100% support.

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