Oktoberfest 2010

In just two short weeks we will host our 4th Annual Oktoberfest at St. Thomas More Church.  The date is October 10th at 5 p.m. in the new parish hall.  This event is open to the community of Chapel Hill, but tickets are limited to 300.

This is a very old fall tradition in the German communities.  Our church is rich in cultural heritage with members from around the world.  Oktoberfest is just one of our celebrations in support of our parish.

Our Oktoberfest includes Oktoberfest locally brewed beer, wine, brats, barbecued chicken, and German potato salad.  All this and three hours of great family fun and music for just $25.  Our event is a family event, so we include children for $12.  Of course, their ticket includes soda pop.

You should include this event on your list of must do events.  It is fun, fun, fun.  We encourage you to wear traditional Oktoberfest attire.  That includes Alpine hats, lederhosen, and other finery.  Need more information on what will give you the right look?  Learn more

For tickets, contact John Felten at 919-929-6569.

Here is a preview of our band, The Little German Band.

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