A Dream Fulfilled – Chapel Hill Squires Circle

We have talked about it, attempted to ignite interest, held meetings and always seemed to come up short.  This year, however, everything seemed to come together and on November 14th the long awaited dream of a Chapel Hill Knights of Columbus became a reality. 
Twenty-four young men gathered to form the first Squires Circle.  The investiture ceremonial was conducted by he North Carolina State Squires Investiture Team, headed by Squire Chairman David Taylor and Chief Counselor Bob White.  Present at the ceremonial were officers and members of the parent council, 10910.  District Deputy Don Williams and several members from the Fayetteville and Sanford Councils also attended.

The Squires Circle is composed of 10 to 18 year old Catholic men of the community.  The new Squires are considered Charter Members and all were recruited from the St. Thomas More School, Youth Ministry, Altar Ministry, and Hispanic Ministry.

The Squires Circle is an official organization of the Knights of Columbus.  Its primary objective is the development of leadership skills of our young men through spiritual, circle, membership, and service activities, such as planning, participation and active involvement in religious, social, athletic, and civic programs.  They are guided and supervised by a team of Knights, that are fully certified as Squires Counselors. from their parent council, but they develop and manage their circle.
The new squires will develop their skills to build confidence, trustworthiness, loyalty, piety, honesty, humility and charity.

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