Catholic Daughters of the Americas Visits Chapel Hill

We were honored this past Sunday by a visit by Sheila F. Storey, State Regent, and other members of the North Carolina State Court of the Catholic Daughters of the Americas (CDA).  They provided information on the CDA to the women of our parish as part of their quest to build a local court at St. Thomas More Church.

The CDA are very similar to the Knights of Columbus.  The CDA is the largest organization of Catholic women and has over 95,000 members.  Their motto is Unity and Charity, and their works parallel that of the Knights of Columbus. Learn more

The women of our parish have often asked, “What about us?  Can we join the Knights?”  The answer has always been “no,” but they can do similar projects and work closely with the Squires and Knights to build our church family and to help others.

Talk to your spouses and other ladies in your family.  Ask them to participate in an upcoming meeting that will talk more about the CDA.  Maybe we are ready to have a CDA court in our parish.  Contact the State Regent for more information.

For membership questions and to sign up for the upcoming organizational meeting, contact the  CDA First Vice State Regent and State Membership Chairman, Essie Walker.  Call her at 704-577-7436 or contact by email.

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