Squires Raise Money for National D-Day Memorial in Bedford, VA

Dario Sena with squires

Nick Clemmons and Garcian D’Cruz are working on a Squires project to raise funds for the National D-Day Memorial located 120 miles north of Chapel Hill.

The squires are going to raise money by selling plants after each mass the weekend of 14-15 May.  They will also work with the Knights to collect donations after the  masses, too.

Did you know that St. Thomas More Church members generously donated about $4,900 on Veterans Day last year for active duty amputees who were hospitalized over the Christmas holiday period?  The squires are hoping that this project will draw similar support.

The plan is to travel to the memorial and participate as invited guests on the June 6th commemoration ceremonies.  Their presentation will be during the ceremony.

When Squire Garcian was asked, “Why?”, he told a story of a recent visit and seeing that it needed help financially.  D-Day also just happens to be remembered on its anniversary, June 6th, which is also his birthday.  Garcian said, “They are having a tough time raising funds.  The soldiers died for us on that day.  Without that day (Operation Overlord and invasion of Europe on June 6, 1944), we would be speaking a different language today.”

Garcian may be right.  Many of today’s citizens cannot comprehend what went on during their grandfather’s or even great-grandfather’s time.  Our country mobilized for war and many never returned home. That is why this memorial is in Bedford, Virginia.  Bedford lost two thirds of the men it sent to war.  The museum is now struggling to survive.  It’s location near Lynchburg, VA, puts it off the main tourist paths.  If you have not visited it, it is a good day trip for the family.  Maybe your and your children will be moved as much as Gracian.  Learn more about the National D-Day Memorial

Our squires are an exciting and energetic group.  They have become a vital part of our local council by helping  the Knights at special events and with the Pancake Breakfast.  They are trained to cook and serve food, but, more importantly, they are learning responsibility and gain a spirit of giving back to the community.  And, as seen by this current project, their reach is not limited to Chapel Hill.

The squires are also looking to connect with any parishioner who has served during World War II.  Efforts are now underway to reach out to the local Veterans of Foreign Wars and American Legion members who served during World War II.  There are quite a  few of them right here in Chapel Hill.  Within the Knights we are honored to have Jerry Pilarski and Gene Drogos, among others.

Want to make a donation to this project?  Contact the Squires.

The Squires are a religious youth group of catholic young men and can be compared to the Boy Scouts.  They are self-governing circle and are guided by counselors from the local Knights of Columbus Council, 10910.

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