Squires’ Impact is Felt

“From a mustard seed…”  Our Squires were years in formation.  A lot of work went into it and they are now in their second year.  Do you know all of their stories of success and contribution to the St. Thomas More Church community?  Did you know that their efforts continue to generate good outside of our parish community?

Their efforts to raise money last year for the National D-Day Memorial in Bedford, VA, is just one story, but it is a gangbuster.  One squire, Garcian D’Cruz  was inspired by what he saw and heard that he came home and led the Squires through a project that brought recognition not only to them, but also greatly benefited the memorial and Chapel Hill High School.

Today, Garcian’s Honors English teacher, Tom Stanfa, was selected as the Feb 2, 2012, Hometown Hero and winner of the Village Pride award.  Mr. Stanfa was also just selected Veterans of Foreign Wars, North Carolina Department, Teacher of the Year (grades 9-12).  All this was the result of a squire trying to make a difference in our community.  A squire on a quest, seeking Knighting.  Read story

We never know where the paths we chose will lead us, but the path we took to support a Chapel Hill Squires Circle was one of our best decisions.  Thank you Jim Orbich, Ron Patterson, Drew Melvin, Jerry Pilarski, Dario Sena, Gil Montoya, John Felten, and others for nurturing these young men and future Knights of Columbus.

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