Pancake Sunday – Feb 12th

Please support this Sunday’s Pancake Breakfast as a volunteer, a patron, or both!  Why not tell your neighbors about the St. Thomas More Church Pancake Breakfast?  The price is right and the breakfast might be considered better than that in local restaurants.  After all, it’s home cooking by family.
Some of your neighbors may even be Catholic and away from the church for years.  The thought of an invitation from a trusted friend and memories of church breakfasts, events, and feasts may be rekindled.  Help bring them home.

We continue to win over more Pancake Breakfast fans with the use of real dinnerware.  You get that clinking, clanking sound!  Your coffee even tastes better in a real cup!
We appreciate the extra turnout from Squires and TYM to help with the extra busing and dishwashing.  Continued help from Men’s Club PB veterans has also been essential to our success.
For this coming Sunday, we will still need extra person-power and teen-power to staff all the kitchen, serving line, and dining hall duties, and to help with setup and teardown.  

We will not be able to set up the hall on Saturday evening.  We’ll need early help at 7am Sunday to arrange tables and chairs. The tables and chairs will remain out from a large dinner event on Saturday evening, but it will still take a lot of effort to rearrange for our use.  We ask that Knights attending 7:30am mass please consider arriving at 7am to help us set up our tables and chairs before mass. 

  • Kitchen, serving, and dining hall help is needed for Sunday.
    • Cooking help please arrive by 7 am.
    • Setup help to complete setup of the dining hall, please arrive 7:30-8 am (table & amp; chair arrangement at 7am)
    • Busing crews.  Please arrive by 8am so we can organize our effort
    • Serving and cashier, please arrive by 8:20am.  

We serve until 11am… sometimes a few minutes after.  

What do we need the most?  We need cleanup and tear-down help, especially with dishwasher duty 11 am ~12:30 pm. This has been a very successful fundraiser for STM School, the parish, and our council. Thank you for all that you are doing to make it a success.

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