News, News and More News

Our Council’s website is constantly changing and may now be the best looking and most functional council website in the state.  We are using as the service provider.  The format  It is newer and much improved in content.  A special feature is News.

Our site includes static pages (pages that are informational and usually do not change during the council year) and web blog/post pages.  Our News/Home page is a blog or web log.  We add stories here as to what is going on in our post.  And, unlike email, which is viewed by just council members, it is public and visible by our church community.

When you visit the site, you see current news as the first thing you see.  It is our HOME page.  Local current news, stories, and announcements will appear under News.  You can also find stories about what we have been doing 2005!  Search for members of the council or topics in Search box.  Looking for a story on the Squires?  Just enter squires and all stories on the site about our squires will appear for reading.

The site’s masthead images will change and display other photos as pages are changed.
Under Programs and Projects you will find new items appearing with photos, a movie, or a slide show.  Topics will include  projects like the Pancake Breakfasts and programs like Lamb.  Want to find out more about Pancake Breakfasts and its history?  Take a look:
We have also included the Catholic Daughters and Squires.  Have stories and pictures to share? Contact us using the forms provided in the Contact Us page or Council News.
When you are talking to other men in our church, share this website with them.  Invite them to take a look at what we are doing in the council.  And, if you have missed a few meetings, come on by and spend some time with us.  Share your ideas and help build a better council
Our council website can found at and  The Fourth Degree site is and .com.

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