Walking in His Path

Our web site has a new special category, Catechism. It is our guide our own spiritual journey.

King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table is a story of a spiritual journey.  Their quest for the Holy Grail started with a forceful  journey ended in failure.  When they changed their methods and made individual, personal quests, with prayer and courage and not relying on the paths of others, they succeeded.

We, as Knights, gather our strength through our unity with one another, but spiritually, we are guided by the teachings of Holy Mother the Church.

Did you know that our church youth are on a spiritual journey with the Catechism of the Catholic Church?  Georgie Clemens, Total Youth Ministry Director, has also encouraged their parents to join them, as they seek to learn more about our church and its teachings.

You, too, can start your personal journey and subscribe to the book on-line.  Read a little bit each day. You can begin your day with enlightenment or end it in thoughtful reflection with a daily lesson.  The one-year journey of lessons will begin on Thursday, October 11th.  You will receive a new email lesson each morning.


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