Support Our Seminarian Raffle

As many of you know, in the past Council 10910 has mailed either four or five seminarian raffle tickets to each of our Brothers. The idea was that we would either sell the tickets to others or buy them ourselves.

This year we will not be mailing the tickets, but the Council still needs your support to make this annual campaign a success. The one half of the face value of each ticket is retained by the council.  We, in turn, contribute this money directly to individual seminarians in the Diocese of Raleigh,  Last year we were able to sponsor five seminarians with $500 grants.

ImageThe prizes are great!  There are two grand prizes.  A cruise to Alaska and a trip to Hawaii.  Of course, and above all, this is a project that supports our State Council and their many programs.  Let’s help make it a success.

Tickets are sold at St. Thomas More Church after Mass on various upcoming weekends, as well as at Pancake Breakfasts and Fish Fries. Please stop by the table in the Narthex and either buy tickets for you yourself  or pick up tickets for resale.  You are encouraged to assist in the ticket sales in the Narthex.

All knights are also encouraged to make tickets available to family, business associates, and friends.  Need extra?  Just ask.

For our Brothers who attend Mass at the Newman Center or for whatever reason would find it more convenient to receive the tickets in the mail, please contact Brendan Fitzgerald and let him know how many tickets you need. He will promptly drop them in the mail.  Order tickets

There is no limit on the number of tickets that you can buy.

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