LAMB Volunteers Needed

LAMB Project Jerry PilarskiWe are above all family and it is to our family and extended community family that we reach out to help and to ask for help.  We can do great things for the less fortunate in our town, but we can do even more with the help of the parish and local community.

We need everyone’s help now to support Operation Lamb at seven local sites on October 11, 12, and 13th.  If you are a knight, a college student, an at home dad, a grandparent, a business leader, a local church (any church) community service person, or just a person with some free time, we can use you to fill 148 two-hour stations at local stores and food markets.  No experience needed.

We provide the on-site training, give you the candy to pass out for free, and a canister to collect donations.  We do not sell our candy.  We give large Tootsie Roll candy bars to everyone we see.  We expect nothing.  We let the Holy Spirit take over from there.

We have been doing this in North Carolina since 1960 and have raised over $21 million dollars!  Where does the money go?  It stays here in our town.  We support the Arc of Orange County, Special Olympics, and other groups who serve our children and adults with special or intellectual disabilities.  There are no administrative costs.  Our council provides for that.  You provide the time, the smile, the handshake, and the encouraging word.

Are you ready to volunteer?  Contact John Aluise at 919-967-3882 or email him at:

To learn more about Operation LAMB and the Operation LAMB Foundation visit their website.  Corporate donations and sponsorship are welcome.  Tell them that the Chapel Hill Knights of Columbus inspired you to do more.  Learn more

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