Did You Ever Consider….?

One of the greatest benefits of being a Knight is that we get to work with some fabulous people.  It is not just the people in our council, but councils and assemblies throughout the state.  But, wait, the circle grows.

6-Pancake breakfast (7)With each encounter, with each event, we meet and greet others.  We get to touch them in many ways and in ways that we can never imagine.  Want to see it happen?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYou can.  Just stand at the curb in front of the church before mass.  Watch the interaction of people as a Knight reaches out to shake a hand and give a warm welcoming smile.  Then watch the Narthex.  It is seen there, too.  Watch little children stop and go back to hug Joe, Peter, or Jerry and other Knights.

After the mass it is repeated over and over again.  It happens at fish fries, pancake breakfasts, and special events or masses. Yes, we are touching lives every day and every where.  You, Brother Knight, are making an impression and influencing others.

This writer has thought about this often and I am not afraid to share our stories, your stories.  You and your brother Knights are part of the fabric that makes up and  is our Church.

Leanna LambToday, as I sat at the end of the church driveway waiting on a light, something told me to turn on NPR (National Public Radio).  It is then that I heard someone talking about a “Lollipop Moment.”  It made me think about our Knights passing out Tootsie Rolls for Operation Lamb.  Drew Dudley was sharing his thoughts on leadership and the impact we are making on others and, in most cases, not even knowing it.  Watch Drew’s story here.



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