Pancake Breakfast Back on Target

pancakes 091414Tom Stoffel reported that our pancake breakfast today was a great success. Lots to do, many joined in.

Tom said, “Sincere thanks to the Knights who stepped up to help us pull off a successful Pancake Breakfast today! PGK Bill Jackson, newer Knight Ed Van Duinen and Knight-in-transfer Matt Miller were there at 7 am and took it the distance today, racking up about 6 hours of heaven credits apiece! They all helped out with a number of different tasks, from kitchen to serving to mess hall to cleaning. Brother Matt also proved his prowess on the griddle, serving up some of the softest, no-knife-required pancakes we’ve had. Brother William Boyd helped with a lot of the dirty work, coming all the way from Pittsboro to keep clean plates, forks, and cups ready for use. And Brother Newton Grant cooked up a storm to cover for the big hole left by Matt Raynor’s absence.”

Tom was also very complimentary with others, too. “Much thanks as well to Lisa and Ariana Keeling, who helped with kitchen setup, cooking, and cleanup. And thank God for that, because our regular helper Peggy was missing today too.” and

“Thanks to the usual Knights, Men’s Club and CDA regulars too – Brendan, Dario, Gene K, Gene H, Gene D, David D, Charlotte, Bob, Chuck, Will, Margaret, Seth, Terry, O’Neil, and whomever I may have missed (it’s always dangerous to try to name everyone). We were missing a lot of regulars today, but a lot of people stepped up to help us pull it off.

Special thanks as well to Elizabeth Fixler, who helped us clean up and tear down the hall, and set up for a very large TYM evening session, as we often do. If you see her, please thank her. Even better, visit her religious items store in downtown Chapel Hill – 108 W Rosemary St, Chapel Hill, NC 27516 (919) 918-4090. She could use our support too.” Tom wrote.

It takes a lot of people to make a breakfast, dinner, or Oktoberfest possible. These events are “bonding” events in that new long-lasting friendships are forged. How about you? Are you ready to jump in and make our next breakfast an even better success?

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