Lenten Fish Fry Returns

We’re back!  The Knights of Columbus team has put together another outstanding series of Lenten Fish Fries for the St. Thomas More Church Friends and Family Hall.  Everyone is welcome to join in and enjoy a great fried fish dinner.

The dates are February 20, March 13th, and March 27, 2015.  Time is 5 pm for doors to open and we keep going until 8 pm or until the fish is gone.  But, don’t worry, we often restock with more fish, as needed, to take care of everyone.  Cost is $8.

For smaller kids we offer split plates for two.  For seniors and light eaters, try our one fillet plate for $7.

There is plenty of free parking and this event is open to everyone.  You’ll see cars pulling off the stalled traffic on US 15-501 and heading up our driveway all night.  The smell of frying fish  draws them in every year and our hospitality to our neighbors brings them back for the second and third fish fry.

We are preparing the food just in time for the crowds to arrive.  That means you will see a gentle wisp of steam coming  from your delivered-to-the-table plate.  Or, if you prefer, we can serve you from our beautiful serving area.  We want your dinner to be ready for you  when you are ready for it.

You get a generous portion!

You get a generous portion!

In a hurry and can’t stay to eat with friends?  We have take out plates standing by and we can fix a plate for one or more.  You are sure to see someone carrying out a stack of five or more clamshell plates as they head to a nearby firehouse, home, or  fun event with friends.

What is on the plate?  We have  two whiting fish fillets, hush puppies, coleslaw, french fries, and beverage.

Please also help us promote this family event. You can share this story on your Facebook page and send a link to your neighbors.

Our fish is a fresh as you can get and provided through Captain John’s Dockside Seafood  and is prepared at St. Thomas More Church Friends and Family Hall by the Knights of Columbus.  You’ll be amazed at how good it is.

If you have a VERY LARGE GROUP, let us know a week before and maybe we can accommodate your special needs.  

Don’t forget to share this information with our non-Catholic friends.  Everyone likes a fish fry!   We welcome the opportunity to open our doors to the community and to share with others our social events.  You may spark a renewal of faith and start a friend on a path that leads them back to their church, maybe our church.

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