Council Positions Opened

Our Council year has begun and some positions are still open.  It takes teamwork and lots of it to make short work out of tedious jobs.

Knights Fraternal TrainingOur Grand Knight, Newton Grant, is seeing volunteers to help fill some of the service personnel roles we have for the council. Of note, the volunteers he wants to prioritize are for the following roles:

  1. One Brother Knight  to fill both Membership Director/Retention Chairman
  2. Up to  three Brothers to assist the Membership Director on the Recruitment Committee.
  3. One Brother to officially fill our Public Relations position. (Lee Heavlin has volunteered for this task, but he needs a helper to learn how to update the council website and promote the council and our programs in the community.)
  4. One Brother for Culture of Life.

Helping others and helping to improve our council is an important service that the men of our church have done for many years.  We are an active, visible team of men that serve our church and church community and, thereby, serve as positive role models for our youth  and other men in our parish.  Maybe, just maybe, you may touch the heart of an inactive, but seeking, non-practicing Catholic. Jesus said, “‘By their fruits you will know them'” (Matthew 7:20)

To learn more, contact Newton Grant and discuss the details of each position.


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