Keep Christ in Christmas

Christ in Christmas KOFCOur society is …. Well, some have simply forgotten that “Christ” is the root word for Christmas.  It is His birthday and we, as Catholics, loudly, brightly, and full of love proclaim “Hallelujah, Hallelujah!  Christ was born this day.”

Exchanging Christmas cards is our way of sending greetings to others near and far, as we gather to remember and celebrate the birth of Our Lord, Jesus Christ.

The council will soon begin its Christian Christmas card sales.  There will be no blowing New England snow, smiling and dancing mice, or other “Holiday Season” cards.  We ask your support for this program  by sharing with others our rituals and beliefs.  Traditions begin in the family and grow stronger by continuing and sharing them.  You can help by supporting businesses that display and share the Christmas theme.

You can also help sell Knights of Columbus cards in the parish and by using religious cards this Christmas.  Program details will be available soon.

Cards that the council sell are a fundraiser for the council and the core program is sponsored by North Carolina Squires.

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