We’re Back… Pancake Breakfast

Pancake breakfastSummer is over and our pancake crew is forming.  Are you ready?  We’ll have our jumbo sausage links, scrambled eggs, and novelty pancakes to complement our traditional fluffy grilled pancakes.

The Knights of Columbus have continued the legacy of the St. Thomas More Church Men’s Club.  A legacy of building church through the active participation of our parish men.  You, too, can  participate as a helper.  You do not have to be a Knight,  However, many have started their quest as a knight through working with friends who are knights.  Come on by and  ask, “Can I help?”  We will gladly welcome you as a helper or as a candidate for the Knights.

Take a look at some of the background activities of our Catholic community in action, click here.

Our first breakfast for the season is this coming weekend, Sunday, September 11th.  We start to serve after the 7:30 mass and continues until 11:30.

Our monthly pancake breakfast is announced in the church bulletin.


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