Whom Shall I Send…

As you may know, key members of our Council have moved or can not take a leadership role this year in the Council. This is not new and we have experienced it before.

KofcNC family

Courtesy of kofcnc.org

With change comes challenge and opportunity. New people will step forward, learn new things, accept new challenges, train themselves and others, and create a tempo that will lead to new members and reactivate those who have not had the opportunity to participate.

Personally, I want to challenge all of you to consider stepping up to a leadership role, a project lead position, or to a support role. Remember the story of “Links in a Chain?” We do this not for ourselves, but for the families and those in need in and around our parish.

I was once challenged to do more by a child who asked me, “…but, if you don’t go, who will do what you do? They need you.” I remember that moment each time I think about Isaiah 6:8 “Then I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, “Whom shall I ….”

She was correct. She reminded me that what we do in our Council benefits hundreds of people in the parish and beyond. And, in our 20 year council history, we have been there for thousands.

Children have watched us, welcomed us and said “thank you.” Today, many are attending with their children. Just ask Jerry Pilarski, Drew Melvin, John Marino, Gene Drogos, Tom Chegash, the family of Frank Cruz and Dario Sena, and many others. Again, the Council is about the St. Thomas More Church family; our family, the church and all those who attend. We make a difference because of you and your family.

The Knights of Columbus is about Family. And, like all families, we are going through a tough time. Families take these times to bond, to share, to care, and to be strong. We are living in interesting times. Let’s use this challenge as a time to help others. The joy of giving and helping others will give us strength and make us whole, again.

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