The Sum of the Pieces

Knights Fraternal TrainingIf you every wondered about the activities of the men of the Knights of Columbus or asked yourself, “What would I do as a member of the Chapel Hill Council?”, consider this.  Each member of the council adds their own talents and time to the Order.  Some are great, some are small, but all are critical to the Order as a whole.  We are “the sum of the pieces.”

Each council like ours joins with all of the other councils of North Carolina and together we serve the many churches in our parishes.  When you consider that our efforts are part of a national, no international, Order, then you start to realize that the Knights of Columbus are a huge gathering of men with a common goal–to serve others.

Take a look at the Knights of Columbus’ video, “Knights of Columbus Year in Review – 2017.” Then remember, it all starts right here in our community.  It starts with men of our parish standing up and saying, “Here I am, Lord. Is it I Lord? I have heard you calling in the night. I will go, Lord, if you lead me.”

KofC 2017

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