Gene Drogos – The Passing of an Era

Today the Council, Assembly, and local veterans from the American Legion gathered at Chapel Hill Memorial Cemetery to say goodbye to a dear friend–Eugene Chester Drogos.

Gene Drogos, U.S. Navy Petty Officer 1c

It was a blustery day, but the sun was out and the large crowd huddled closer to block the wind that was testing the tiedown of the casket flag. Solemn prayers, committal words, and words of condolences were followed by a family friend playing Taps.

The trumpeter gave a beautiful rendition and the notes wafted across the cemetery as the Assembly Honor Guard and veterans stood smartly at attention.

Several Chief Petty Officers were provided by the United States Navy to fold the National Ensign, crease the corners smartly, and pass the flag from the folder to the presenter for solemn delivery to Louise Drogos, Gene’s wife of 74 years.

Then, as the gathering was about to depart, the family nurse of 15 plus years stood up and moved forward to personally honor Gene. She wanted to honor the Drogos family in a special, personal way. She sang AMAZING GRACE a cappella. It was beyond expectation as we “held church” at the gravesite. The moving words captivated the gathered crowd. Gene Drogos was going home to be with his Lord.

The local veterans of the Veterans of Foreign Wars and Chapel Hill Post No. 6, American Legion, presented Louise with a special Bible in a cedar chest. It was a special remembrance and new family treasure from the area veterans.

Gene is gone, but his 67 years of community service to Chapel Hill and local veterans is full of special deeds, special moments, and personal example.

– Chapel Hill, NC Feb. 3, 2021, by Lee Heavlin

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