Stations of the Cross During Covid-19

by James Davisson

February 20, 2021

KofC Paul J. Trageser Council 10910 Stations of the Cross

Photos by: James Davisson, Worthy Financial Secretary

On February 19, 2021, the council held the first stations of the cross for the parish during lent 2021. During lent the council traditionally puts on the Fish Fry at the same time as stations of the cross. This year things are a bit different with the need to socially distance and wear masks. Although things were different this year we still had a large turnout with approximately 30 to 35 people who attended. Most of whom were Knights, but others were members of our parish community, and the Catholic Daughters.

One of our newest Knights Jacob Curly carried the cross with pride while Jim Ferris our Warden helped ensure that he could follow along with the reading. Jim Boyd one of our Trustees’ and Past Grand Knight planned and coordinated the event. Jim Boyd would read much as he does during Mass when he reads from the lectern. His voice echoing throuth the church while providing that sense of calm and comfort during these more challenging times.

If you want to pray the stations of the cross a link is provided in the button below:

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