40 Days for Life

40 Days for Life is an innovative pro-life campaign that focuses on 40 days of prayer and fasting, 40 days of peaceful vigil at abortion facilities, and 40 days of grassroots educational outreach. The 40-day time frame is drawn from examples throughout Biblical history where God brought about world-changing transformation in 40-day periods, for example: Jesus in the desert, Moses on Mt. Sinai and Noah after 40 days of rain. It challenges everyone to ponder the meaning and value of the inalienable right to life from the prenatal period to the elderly, those with disabilities, the impoverished, and the underrepresented factions of our North Carolina communities. Since the first coordinated campaign in 2007, 40 Days for Life has reached 950 cities in 64 countries. 2021 marks the 10th year that a spring campaign for 40 Days for Life has been held in Chapel Hill.

The 40 Days for Life started on February 17, 2021 and will go until Sunday March 28, 2021. This will be daily from 7am to 7pm outside the Planned Parenthood. Please park along Cosgrove Avenue off Sage Rd. across from the entrance to Lowe’s and UNC Health Care. Be aware of No Parking signage. Parking at the Grace Church is allowed anytime from 7am to 7pm except on Sundays and after 5:30pm on Wednesdays.

If you want to participate note the following restrictions:Invite a friend or family member to spend a few hours each week praying in front of Planned Parenthood.

  • To get directions and schedule time on the vigil calendar, register on the local website:
    40daysforlife.com/chapel-hill. You can also get more information about the national campaign, daily
    intentions, devotionals, and daily updates at the national website: https://40daysforlife.com/.
  • Signs displayed can be no larger than 24 x 24 inches.
  • In Chapel Hill, you do not need a permit to pray in the public right of way. However, the Chapel Hill Police
    Department (CHPD) asks to be notified if 10 or more folks are there at the same time. Please notify CHPD Watch
  • Commander at (919) 612-8240. For problems while praying in front of Planned Parenthood do not hesitate to
    call 911.
  • Remember the vigil is not a protest but a peaceful, prayerful presence to end abortion and protect the right to
    life of the unborn. We are advocates for the unborn and not protesters. For more information, see the
    “Statement of Peace”.

Statement of Peace

(all participants must agree)

I, _____________ , I testify to the following:

  • I will only pursue peaceful solutions to the violence of abortion when volunteering with the 40 Days for Life campaign.
  • I will show compassion and reflect Christ’s love to all Planned Parenthood Clinic employees, volunteers, and customers.
  • I understand that breaking the law or acting in a violent or harmful manner immediately and completely disassociates me from the 40 Days for Life campaign.
  • I am in no way associated with Planned Parenthood, its affiliates or any abortion provider.

While standing in the city right of way in front of Planned Parenthood, Chapel Hill:

  • I will not obstruct the driveways or sidewalk while standing in the public right of way.
  • I will not litter the public right of way.
  • I will closely attend to any children I bring to the prayer vigil.
  • I will not threaten, physically contact, or verbally abuse Planned Parenthood Clinic employees, volunteers, or customers.
  • I will not damage private property.
  • I will cooperate with local authorities.
  • If I am a minor, I will participate in 40 Days for Life only in the presence of or with the written permission of a parent or guardian.

For questions and to get updates and notices about the Chapel Hill campaign email:

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