There is a Story There

There are well over 100 members in our Council and each one of us is unique. Our family is unique, our history (life’s journey) is unique, and our faith is worth sharing. Yes, there is a story there.

One of the things that we seem to have lost during the last century is storytelling. Our local newspapers had a lot of reporters walking their beat looking for a story. Large cities like Philadelphia had four or more newspapers and some had two or more editions each day. Where did it all go?

We seem to have segregated our news to just a few friends on FaceBook or through email. Yet, there is still a bigger story out there.

Our Council gives us the opportunity to reach out to others. First, through our close friends….like the person who recruited us. That opportunity led to a few more friends and maybe their family. Our community service projects (pancake breakfast, fish fry, auctions, raffle, LAMB, etc.) puts our faces before even more people and their stories. It’s like Mass. We gather individually with others of common beliefs to celebrate the Eucharist…and there is always a story there, too.

On a recent excursion, this writer was asked about storytelling, being a storyteller, and how it happened. Why? Well there are stories to be told, to share, and to help us grow. Your story is there also.

If you are working with this writer, your story may end up in a Council or Assembly news story like the one on the right. It is over 15 years old, but Gil Montoya still has it and shared it just yesterday. It is part of his legacy of memories of Dad captured by a fellow knight. Stories are everywhere.

Did you know that if you open the Assembly website you will find in the header NEWS. If you visit that section you will find a treasure trove of memories of our members who made a difference here at St. Thomas More. It covers 15 years (see archive list) Take a look.

The local VA Medical Center has a huge display…(maybe twenty feet or more of glass wall display case over two panels, waist to ceiling). All of it is dedicated to healing. The current topic is, wait for it…. Healing through writing.

There were samples of veteran stories and their journeys through life. I highly recommend you take a look at this project. It has a list of many illnesses that may benefit from Healing through writing.

My Mother used to say, “It’s all in your head.” Now that statement finally makes sense. How we feel mentally impacts our health! Your health! So, I shared the “Why” of my writing. It is truly therapeutic.

The “How” in writing is sharing stories through conversation. Put a pen to paper and say (tell or say) your story through ink. Maybe even joining or leading a group discussion. Our church has over 120 unique groups/ministries that do the “How” in their ministry. In the Knights, we have the St. Joseph Men’s Spirituality Group led by Sir Knight Marc LaClair. They meet each Thursday at 7 p.m. One man, one vision, one group, making a difference through an extension of storytelling. Give it a try. All are welcome.

It is no real secret to storytelling. You just share your time by caring, participating, listening, lifting a burden, or smiling. Hopefully, you will write about life and your part in it. Remember the Knights’ motto, “Tempus Fugit, Memento Mori.” Time Flies, Remember Death.

Lee Heavlin, July 5, 2022

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