The Chapel Hill Knightline.  We produced a monthly full-color newsletter for the council for several years.  Printed newsletters take a lot of effort and time to publish.  Printing and mailing them also takes a lot of money.  So, what is a service-oriented non-profit group to do?  We went electronic.
Council Blog.  Our website contains items on communications and organization.  Activities at our council are published on our council blog.  There are a lot of interesting stories and we continue to add more.   Stories are listed by month and year in the Archives and you can take a look at what we have been doing by selecting a month and seeing what we have done.
How do you get there?  We made it easy my making our news page our website homepage.  Any new or returning visitor sees today’s news on our front page.  It is what you first saw when you visited us.  Missed it?  Click here
Council News Reporters. If you have news of interest on a council activity, share it with the council members.  Write your short story, attach a picture and send it in.  Submit news
Announcements.  Council announcements will always show up first in our news blog; just like in your hometown newspaper.  We also publish a calendar of events in a 30-day format.  View calendar.

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