Council Newsletter

News.  A noun, and is “newly received or noteworthy information, especially about recent or important events.”  “I’ve got some good news for you…”

Lorenz Hofmann and Jerry Pilarski at Jerry’s birthday event.

Newspapers are a shell of their past.  One historical newspaper from Durham was twice as wide and a third longer than today’s Durham Herald.  Everyone who could read, read the newspaper or other chronicle.  What happened?

Gone too are the “over the fence” conversations from our yards. “No laundry to hang?”

Can you remember the last time you received a personal letter, card, or note from family or friends in the last ten years?  How about a long distance telephone call?  No, a posting or on-line photo does not count.

It was more than the birth of internet communications and later as email.  There are the huge social sharing platforms that give us “news.”  Are you overwhelmed yet?

We cannot solve the communication, or lack thereof, in our communities, but we are trying our best to find ways to better communicate in our Council.  Frequent and clear communication and getting the message out to you is our goal.

News of the Council is now available here on the Council website.  The Grand Knight will post a newsletter that contains information on Council agendas, meetings, awards, upcoming events and more and you can get it by selecting a link below.

Bookmark this page and share our newsletter with your family and friends.  Share it with those you think would make a good addition to the Knights of Columbus, too.  This is news about our work and our mission…building Church and supporting our parish priest.