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Everybody chips in to get the job done. Here knights pull pig for charity.

Life is a series of cycles. There are growth cycles, downturns, and stable times. There are hard times. There are good times. The life of a Knight is a busy one.

What makes it exciting is the individual contributions of knights. Some men join and just attend meetings. Some don’t attend meetings, but contribute in other ways. Some jump right in and get fully immersed in the life of a knight. After all, a Knight’s journey is a quest. It is a quest for knowledge, understanding, lessons in humility, and sharing. We learn to think more about others and less about ourselves.

Our Historical page contains links to previously published council newsletters. We encourage you to take a look at a few of them. You will be surprised at what we have done over the years. Some programs may be now dormant. They are looking for a Knight to fight the good fight and lead our council and members through new adventures. Is this you?  Flip through the pages of our newsletters and find your challenge.

Newsletters – 2006

Newsletters – 2004

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