Officers and Directors

The Council officers for council year 2020-21 have been selected. Please utilize the Contact Us page if you need to speak with one of the officers or directors.

Council Chaplain,Fr. Scott McCue

  • Grand Knight, William Jackson
  • Deputy Grand Knight, Chris Kremer
  • Financial Secretary 2018 – Present (appointed by Supreme Council for 3 years), James Davisson
  • Chancellor, Thomas Chegash
  • Recorder, Newton Grant
  • Treasurer,  Stephen Travers
  • Advocate, Robert McCausland
  • Lecturer, Derek Wit
  • Warden, Jim Ferris
  • Inside Guard, Will Merkel
  • Outside Guard, Colin O’Neil  
  • Trustee (3 yr): Ralph “Gil” Montoya
  • Trustee (2 yr): Jim Boyd
  • Trustee (1 yr): Jim Heffernan

Fourth Degree Faithful Navigator, Chris Kremer, PGK

  • Program Director, Chris Kremer, PGK
  • Family Director, Bryan Feger
  • Community Director, Greg Kleiman
  • Faith Director, Charlie Jenkins
  • Life Director, Jim Boyd, PGK
  • LAMB Director, Bruce Jackson
  • Membership Director, William Jackson
  • Retention Chairman, Rodger Traynor

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