The Knights of Columbus is well over 100 years old.  We are in every major city and in most communities.  Our members are the Catholic men of the community.  We serve our parish and the community at large through acts of charity.  This is our ministry.

A few years ago, we asked a question of ourselves.  “What are we doing in our parish to build strong families and to show the right example?”  That led to looking inward examination and retrospection.  It is good to take a look at what we do.

One of our members has been taking a lot of pictures over the last ten or so years.  He was working on his collection and noticed a common theme for the Knights.  It was Community and Family. He put together a few of the pictures and the result was his video, Chapel Hill Knights of Columbus–A Year in the Life of Our Council.  His video says it all.  We share that video with you today.  Take a walk with us, as we show who we are; we These Men Called Knights.