Our History

You can’t really understand who you are unless you know from where you came.  This is also true of a council.  Our contributions to the church and community over the last twenty years defines us as “These men called Knights.”
The Paul J. Trageser Council was founded June 17th, 1992, through the efforts of the members of the St. Thomas More Mens Club.St. Thomas More Church started as a chapel for the University of North Carolina area Catholic community.  The first structure, The Chapel of St. Thomas More, was built on Gimghoul Road on land donated by a parishioner. The church was built in the 1950’s and supported a small, loyal Catholic parish. During the early church years, local knights joined with knights in nearby Durham for fellowship and fraternalism.  The church grew steadily and we soon fount it too small to support the rapidly expanding membership.  Our present church building was built on nearby Carmichael Road and was dedicated in 1998.

With the explosive growth of Catholics in North Carolina during the late 1980’s, the men realized their dream to create a Chapel Hill council.  The initial leadership included Sir Knight Paul J. Trageser, who led the men of the community and encouraged their charter of a Chapel Hill Council.  Unfortunately, Paul died just before the dream for a parish council was realized. The council was named in his honor, as he epitomized the ideal catholic gentleman and father. He carefully balanced building his family and the church community in the service of the Lord.

Paul J. Trageser Council works closely with parish priests, community outreach centers, and others to provide funds and services for various parish projects. A special project of the council is support for those suffering with mental handicaps and the Special Olympics programs.

A council is what it is today through the contributions of many.  Some have “fallen asleep,” but we shall never forget their hard work as Catholic men and brother knights.
Our Missionaries
As stewards of our faith, we are called to serve others.  You do not have to be a knight to be a recipient of our benevolence.  We do not ask for recognition, just the chance to help others.

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