About KofC10910

Knights of Columbus, Chapel Hill, NC. We are the Paul J. Trageser Council, 10910; a non-profit fraternal Catholic mens' organization that serves St. Thomas More Catholic Church, children with mental disabilities, families in need, and more.

Beatification of Father McGivney

Brother Knights of Council 10910, on Saturday, October 31, 2020, Father Michael J. McGivney, the founder of the Knights of Columbus, will be one step closer to Sainthood as he is beatified through a special Mass in the Connecticut birthplace of the Knights of Columbus.

As pastor of St. Mary’s Church in New Haven, this dedicated parish priest gathered men together in the basement of his Church to help save widows and children from destitution and defend the Catholic faith. Today these men we call Knights are over two million strong and are dedicated to serving Jesus Christ and their communities at home and around the world. To honor Father McGivney’s Beatification the Knights of Columbus is offering a one-year free membership if a candidate signs up by December 31, 2020.

In addition to this event, Supreme is offering another promotion for free membership for new members to join the Knights through December 31, 2020. Council 10910 will conduct another Gift Card Drawing during this Membership Drive.

Are You Ready for Panera?

We may be limited to fundraising events within the parish, but we have an upcoming event that you are sure to find interesting.  It is a September 11th fundraiser at Panera Bread on Witherspoon Blvd, Durham.  All you have to do is drop by from 4-8 p.m., open your phone to browser and show them the flyer below. You’ll enjoy great food, wonderful coffee, and be with friends or family while you support Council 10910.

Membership in the Knights is Now Open

Brother Knights of Council 10910, Knights of Columbus Supreme Headquarters is offering a limited one year membership opportunity for new members to join the Knights of Columbus. Please see the attached message for details:


For a 2-week period commencing Wednesday, July 22 and continuing through 11:59 p.m. ET on August 5th, new members are being offered FREE ONLINE MEMBERSHIP for their first year. The Supreme Council will pay the first-year dues for every man who joins online between now and August 5. Prospects simply need to visit kofc.org/joinus and enter the code MCGIVNEY2020 to take advantage of this special offer. This is a $25 offer to join.  It just does not get better than this!

Help the men of the Catholic Community of Saint Thomas More join Chapel Hill Knights in service to our church, parish, and community.  We are called to serve.  It is our mission.

Father McGivney was faced with a pandemic in the 1880s, as we are today. And in the face of that pandemic, he persevered in his efforts to evangelize those in his community, to form his parishioners in their Catholic faith, and to grow the Knights of Columbus. As his spiritual heirs, we can do nothing less.

Our pastors need the Knights of Columbus. Our fellow parishioners need the Knights of Columbus. Those impacted by COVID-19 need the Knights of Columbus. Just as our holy founder surely would, let us resolve to Leave No Neighbor Behind, and to offer every Catholic man the opportunity to join the Order that he founded some 138 years ago.

Council 10910 would like to take advantage of this offer and is offering a drawing for a $50 gift card to those Knights that sign up a new member. Each Knight who signs up a new member during this promotion will receive a ticket for the drawing to be held on August 6, 2020.

If candidates wish to find out more about the Knights or the Council please have them contact:

William Jackson at GK10910koc@gmail.com or

James Davisson at FS10910koc@gmail.com

Look around …

Have you taken time to just “look around?”  Do you jump into your car or pick-em-up truck and just go from here-to-there?  Can we even admit to driving blindly in Orange County and missing all of the things that are here for us?

Helping hands

Ouch.  Felt that one.  But, seriously, there is so much to do and see in our town and within Orange County.  I often find out about events after they happen or that happen on a day that I chose to write just one more note or story.

Our Council is huge by local standards, but it should be twice as large and four times as effective.  Yes, it is possible.  The secret is to “stop, look, and listen.”  Be a fly or butterfly for an afternoon.  Find a nice destination, get there, park the car and slowly, repeat, slowly walk about and just browse around.. Don’t be in a hurry.  Slow down.

If you can find a nice spot to sit down and watch people, listen to the ruffling tree branches, and the yelping of little tykes and frantic parents.  All is good as you absorb the sounds of our town.

So, how does this help you as a Knight of Columbus?  It’s the exposure to others and what is important to them.  It will help your reshuffle your priorities and come up with ideas on how to improve self and your surroundings.

If you look about the parish parking lot and school area you can see the results of others coming up with ideas and projects to improve the appearance of our church.  The Garden, the walkways, the pond overlook, the play fields, and more.  One such project of the Knights is “Parish Pride Day.”  It was inspired by one Knight working with another Knight to solve a problem.  The church was ready to open, but there was no money for landscaping!

The solution was individual contributions of funds, plants, talent, and a fun meal.  Yep! We created a mini-work project with hot off the grill food at the end of the morning.  And, it was an idea from a Knight with no cash, but a lot of inspiration. He even served as the cook for the next five years.  (Read the background story.)

How about you?  Do you have an idea that will help make things better,  Improve our Council or Assembly, or have a project to help others?  Now is the time to share.

Lastly, if you need an energy boost and a day out with a buddy, your kids, your spouse or a brother knight, explore Orange County.  Visit the Orange County Visitor’s Center on-line and learn about the hundreds of things ready and waiting for you stop by and explore.  Learn more

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Parish Fish Fry


There’s Work To Be Done

It’s July and we have already passed the July 4th Holiday and all of the family excitement.  However, our Catholic Family needs our attention.

The new “council year” starts with our July 17th meeting.  You are  encouraged to attend, especially if you do not attend on a regular basis.  We often talk about “the ten percent.”  That’s the ten percent of any group that can be counted on to make the group work.  But, just imagine if we could get 25% or 50% of our members to step up and make things possible for members of our parish.

What’s needed?  Well there are over 100 ministries in our parish.  There are also  outside services agencies (non-Catholic community groups that we support) depended upon their Catholic neighbors.  This includes Porch and the IFC…among others.

Why not attend our council meeting tonight and see your friends and neighbors at work.  They will be happy to see you and look forward to working with you on a parish or Knights of Columbus program or project.

Oh, I forgot… We have new officers.  They are the core of our Council.  Many have served before and some have served as a Grand Knight or Faithful Navigator.  You might think that they would take a break.  Nope.  Most will keep on giving because it is what needs to be done.  But, I digress.  I promised a list of Council Officers.  Just click on this link or select  “Officers” in the banner above:  https://kofc10910.com/officers/

See you tonight.

Joe Acciarito

p.s.  If you are looking for information about the Knights of Columbus, you are welcome to call one of us.  In fact, why not give a call to Joe Acciarito at 919-428-3620. Joe is quite active in our Council and has served in our Membership Committee.  He’s one of the smiling faces that are our “greeters” at the 9:15 Sunday mass.