Member Training

Knights RecruitingYou may have felt lost when council members talk about recruiting, membership, and council growth.  It sounds like we are just about membership and recruiting new members and that is not entirely correct.

We are about family and helping our church growth through coordinated actions in support of our parish priests.  Our church has experienced rapid growth during the last ten years and it is only beginning.  We are a vibrant church and welcome families every month.  In addition, we are expanding our facilities, ministries, child care, and support of our neighbors and the elderly and home-bound through Meals on Wheels.  We are now working on the acquisition of Aldersgate United Methodist Church to form St. Thomas More Church South Campus.

But, it takes people–men of the parish–to provide the experience, support and services needed.  We also need to renew our officer pool of Third Degree Knights.  We grow our own and that means we need to gain new members.  How can you help?  You can attend Membership Training hosted by Supreme and it is all on-line as a webinar.  Best of all, it is a night time webinar presented at 8 p.m. on August 30th.

Join Fraternal Mission presenters for a training webinar identifying the best ways to recruit new members for our council and get them engaged in charitable activity.

The one-hour webinar will provide a detailed look at the how, what and why of recruiting new members.  We will explore:

  • Recruitment Skills Training
  • Best Practices in running effective Church Recruitment Drives
  • Setting goals and Earning the Star Council Award

Register today.  You will fill out a brief form and then access a link to test your portal and Flash player.  All webinars are recorded and available on demand.

Can you hear your inner voice calling you to service?

When Called By A Panther…

Words of inspiration from our council Trustees John Felten and Bill Lodge

“When Called by a Panther, Don’t Anther”

When Ogden Nash wrote these words nearly a century ago, he didn’t realize how prophetic they were in our age of robocalls and junk mail. Everybody in the world, it seems, feels entitled to some of our hard-earned cash.

National CathedralThere is another call we regularly receive, this one from God. It is simpler and more direct, and He doesn’t hassle us. When we take care of our family and children, when we do our job at work, when we participate in Parish activities, we are answering God’s call. The quid pro quo isn’t immediately obvious, but the rewards of taking care of our families, our jobs, and our Parish are tremendous, in this world and the next.

After, family, home, and Church, come the Knights of Columbus. The Knights do a LOT of work for our families and Parish and are indispensible members of our community. St. Thomas More would be a very different place without the work we do.

Right now, the Knights are in a bit of difficulty. It appears that the work associated with several top offices has scared a lot of potential talent away from these important jobs. Make no mistake, these posts are extremely important to our mission, and need to be filled. We are looking for a couple of generous souls who are willing to give their time and talent to helping make the Knights work for everybody.

“Dieu lo vult!” was the cry of the crusaders —“God wills it!” This is also true with the posts of Grand Knight and Deputy Grand Knight in our Council. Will you be the person who generously steps forward to do a VERY important job? The Knights will be grateful. The Parish will be grateful. And YOU will have the satisfaction of stepping up when you are needed.

Your Trustees, John Felten and Bill Lodge

2004 – 10910, A Council in Crisis

It was eleven years ago and in the Summer of 2003 that the State Deputy and many state officers joined the council for their monthly meeting.  It was a time when few council members wanted to assume the office of Grand Knight.

This Little Light of Mine...Council members sat on one side of the the room as State Commander David O’nofrio sat at the Grand Knight’s chair and reminded the council of its history, contributions to the state, and potential.  We had hosted many events, hosted a state mid-year meeting, and co-hosted a State Convention.  He reminded us of what we have done during our ten year council life. He then asked the question, “Will no sir knight stand up to take the leadership role of the council as Grand Knight?”

The council chamber was still.  This writer remembered well the thought of the bible verse,

  • Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?” And I said, “Here am I. Send me!”  Isaiah 6:9

Many of the seasoned officers and past grand knights watched and listened for an answer from the members, yet the room remained still.  They knew that the solution must come from the members or junior officers.  If our council was to survive, we needed council participation.

It was now a question of our faith.  Our faith as Catholic gentlemen.  “Whom do we serve?  Is that not why we are Knights of Columbus?”  We are building church and serving our local priests and parish families.  If we did not continue our mission, what would be the impact on the parish and the community?

Then it happened.  A chair moved and one sir knight stood up and raised his voice.  He said that he knew little about leading a council, but with the help of other knights and past grand knights, he would give it a try. He would served as Council 10910 Grand Knight.  The voice was that of  Bill Jackson.

All in the chamber looked at him.  The State Deputy looked back at him standing there alone.  One solitary Sir Knight readied himself for the challenge.  Soon, other voices of support were heard.  “I’ll help you,” said one past grand knight.  Then another voice, and another.  The still room became alive with enthusiastic support and offers of help.

A lesson taught to all became our battle banner.  Many threads make a cord, many cords make a rope. There is strength in unity and sharing the load.  Together we are strong and all things are possible.

Thus began ten years of expansive council life.  Those then years are chronicled here on this web site.  You can read about them and reflect on the thousands of volunteer hours of knights before you who have built our council.  We have so much to be thankful for, to be proud of, and to pass on to the men of our church and parish.

We are once again at a cross roads.  Our council has many men with great talent and much to offer.  We ask that you reflect in prayer as knights of old.  Listen quietly and answer, “Here am I. Send me!”  You will not be alone.  He will guide you and give you strength.

Lee Heavlin, Past Grand Knight and Past Regional District Deputy – East
Follow Bill Jackson’s crusade by visiting  our 2004 web site archives.  Click here

Getting Back to Basics

Tonight the Friends and Family Hall was filled with about 500 children.  It was not the normal St. Thomas More Church students.  It was the children of the families not attending our Catholic school.

It was a wonderful sight.  Young men and women from middle and high schools engaging in a review of the Catholic Mass.  They started the night with the viewing of The Catholic Mass and then with a student game show using one student from each grade to challenge the students’ understanding of the Mass.

All of the students and instructors then moved to the sanctuary to hear Fr. James Labosky, our Parochial Vicar, explain the parts of the Liturgy of the Mass and Liturgy of the Eucharist.  There was a lot to explain and a lot of questions to ask.  The students asked good questions and the session could easily have been three hours, not one.  We are very fortunate to have him with us to lead our children in faith development.

It reminded this writer of the importance of getting back to basics.  We are doing this in our council by offering information on church teachings, programs, and history.  Have you visited our new section on the Catechism?  Learn more

If you are not inspired to learn more, maybe you just need to be reminded of the beauty and sacredness of our Mass. As our Lord said, “Do this in memory of me.”

Mass is celebrated each day in every time zone around the earth. If performed at the same hour, it is the biggest wave of continuous prayer, thanksgiving and blessing traveling around and around, as one.  We join with millions of Catholics around the world to call upon the Holy Spirit to join us.  Watch this video and be inspired, humbled, and thankful.

Walking in His Path

Our web site has a new special category, Catechism. It is our guide our own spiritual journey.

King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table is a story of a spiritual journey.  Their quest for the Holy Grail started with a forceful  journey ended in failure.  When they changed their methods and made individual, personal quests, with prayer and courage and not relying on the paths of others, they succeeded.

We, as Knights, gather our strength through our unity with one another, but spiritually, we are guided by the teachings of Holy Mother the Church.

Did you know that our church youth are on a spiritual journey with the Catechism of the Catholic Church?  Georgie Clemens, Total Youth Ministry Director, has also encouraged their parents to join them, as they seek to learn more about our church and its teachings.

You, too, can start your personal journey and subscribe to the book on-line.  Read a little bit each day. You can begin your day with enlightenment or end it in thoughtful reflection with a daily lesson.  The one-year journey of lessons will begin on Thursday, October 11th.  You will receive a new email lesson each morning.  Learn more

Defending our Religion

Are you proud of your family? Your Catholic family? Are you an advocate? An apostle? Do you share your faith with others?

We are all missionaries. We, the Knights of Columbus, are very proud of our church and we seek to share our love for our church and community by serving others.

Share the joy with others!

Take time out each day for prayer. Be thankful for your blessings and ask for help in serving others. Read a passage from the bible and think about it. Share the good news with others. Talk to other men of the church and ask them to join you in the Knights. Encourage others to join the patriotic Fourth Degree.

How do we build our church? One act at a time. Brick by brick we add structure to our parish and make it a welcoming home for non-Catholics and returning Catholics. Evangelize.

Need help? Want to learn more? Why not check out what others are saying as they defend our religion. Learn more. Visit Defenders of the Catholic Faith.

She Gave Us Strength

Amelia Young

Last December, we lost one of the ladies that made a brother Knight a better man.  She also served as a role model for others in her family and our church.  Amelia Young, age 77, and life-long friend and wife of Sir Knight Kai Young, was a women who was there for the men in her life, even as her life was failing.

We share her eulogy with you today as a reminder that behind every Knight is a Lady who makes us, no, made us, who we are.  We are truly blessed with such remarkable wives, mothers, sisters, daughters and family who are the pillars under These Men Called Knights.

Eulogy, Amelia Bensan Young, as read by their son, Vincent B. Young, MD/PhD, Associate Professor, The University of Michigan.  

Remember, Tempus fugit, memento mori.