Bocce Tournament

We still need more teams/players for our Bocce Tournament on Saturday, during the Parish Festival.  The festival starts following 5:15 Mass (about 6:20 pm).  You can sign up as team of four, or as an individual.
bocce balls
This tournament is one of the Knights of Columbus’ fund raising projects for Operation LAMB.  LAMB proceeds go to local agencies who serve those with intellectual disabilities.
We will have 10 Special Olympics athletes participating in the tournament.
We are asking for a $10 donation for each player.
Please let me know if you can participate in our fun fund raising event.   You can contact John Aluise by email or just show up at the game.  Email John

Meadowmont Soars

Tom Stoffel is one happy Knight.  He is beaming with pride with the great success he has had at Harris Teeter Meadowmont.  The Knights were joined by parishioners and parents this year.

Also joining us were athletes or volunteers for Special Olympics, They included Heather Porter, a Special Olympics athlete; Katie Marson and Evelyn (her mother), Special Olympics volunteers; and Tish Barbaro and son Brandon, a Special Olympics athlete.

The bright yellow and red-lettered aprons welcomed hundreds of shoppers and many were most generous. The Special Olympics will be a beneficiary of their generosity.

Tom’s team included brother Knights Bruce Kemper and Tom Heckel. A we had with us Teresa Albin and brother Knight Newton Grant and his son Genji as volunteers. and Heather Porter.

Here are a few of our volunteers in action (their names are shown in the slideshow, click on a photo to view):

Chapel Hill Operation LAMB Coming Soon

LAMB Drive Coming Sep 26-28thOur council has been a steady and strong supporter of Operation LAMB for over 20 years. What is Operation LAMB?  It stands for Least Among My Brethren.The LAMB program was started in 1960, became a statewide program in 1974, and was formally established as a public, nonprofit, fully tax-deductible 501(c)3 charity in 1999, named the LAMB Foundation of NC, Inc. The sole purpose of the foundation is to raise funds and distribute them to accredited organizations and institutions throughout the state that assist people with intellectual disabilities.

The knights have raised over $21 million dollars since 1974 for North Carolinians. That money has been raised all without a single paid employee, thanks to the more than 15,000 Knights of Columbus statewide who, along with their family and friends, stand long hours
giving away Tootsie Rolls and asking for donations. Fully, 93% of the funds raised go directly to charity. The only major operational expenses are for the Tootsie Rolls, aprons and an outside accounting firm.

LAMB Project Jerry PilarskiKnights fan out over the area and throughout the state to pass out Tootsie Rolls. We never sell them, we just give them away with a warm welcome and a big smile. We are rewarded by the generous donations of shoppers.

Our council is conducting its annual Operation LAMB Tootsie Roll campaign on the weekend of October 10-12 to raise funds for people with Intellectual Disabilities in our community. The agencies who will receive LAMB funds include the Special Olympics, Special Education Programs in Chapel Hill, Orange and Chatham counties, ARC, Club Nova, Voices Together, OE Enterprises and Chatham Trades.

The Knights need volunteers from the parish. This is a wonderful opportunity for parishioners, especially our teenagers, to contribute to a very worthwhile community service project. It’s fun, easy and rewarding–you just need to wear a bright yellow vest, smile, give out Tootsie Rolls, and ask quietly for donations for a couple of hours in front of a supermarket in the area.  Ready to volunteer?  Contact John Aluise by email.  Just click here. 

For more information, download

  1. Operation Lamb Tri-fold Brochure 2014
  2. Operation Lamb Flyer CH 2014 Rev1

LAMB Volunteers Needed

LAMB Project Jerry PilarskiWe are above all family and it is to our family and extended community family that we reach out to help and to ask for help.  We can do great things for the less fortunate in our town, but we can do even more with the help of the parish and local community.

We need everyone’s help now to support Operation Lamb at seven local sites on October 11, 12, and 13th.  If you are a knight, a college student, an at home dad, a grandparent, a business leader, a local church (any church) community service person, or just a person with some free time, we can use you to fill 148 two-hour stations at local stores and food markets.  No experience needed.

We provide the on-site training, give you the candy to pass out for free, and a canister to collect donations.  We do not sell our candy.  We give large Tootsie Roll candy bars to everyone we see.  We expect nothing.  We let the Holy Spirit take over from there.

We have been doing this in North Carolina since 1960 and have raised over $21 million dollars!  Where does the money go?  It stays here in our town.  We support the Arc of Orange County, Special Olympics, and other groups who serve our children and adults with special or intellectual disabilities.  There are no administrative costs.  Our council provides for that.  You provide the time, the smile, the handshake, and the encouraging word.

Are you ready to volunteer?  Contact John Aluise at 919-967-3882 or email him at:

To learn more about Operation LAMB and the Operation LAMB Foundation visit their website.  Corporate donations and sponsorship are welcome.  Tell them that the Chapel Hill Knights of Columbus inspired you to do more.  Learn more

Operation LAMB Founder Passes

William Scott, Past State Deputy and the founder of North Carolina’s Operation LAMB, died yesterday, Wednesday, March 27, 2013.

Final arrangements have not been finalized to this point, but when they are, we will pass them along to you. Bill was a great Knight and equally good gentleman. He will be solely missed.

To learn more about the tremendous success of Operation LAMB, visit the NC LAMB Foundation web site.