There’s Work To Be Done

It’s July and we have already passed the July 4th Holiday and all of the family excitement.  However, our Catholic Family needs our attention.

The new “council year” starts with our July 17th meeting.  You are  encouraged to attend, especially if you do not attend on a regular basis.  We often talk about “the ten percent.”  That’s the ten percent of any group that can be counted on to make the group work.  But, just imagine if we could get 25% or 50% of our members to step up and make things possible for members of our parish.

What’s needed?  Well there are over 100 ministries in our parish.  There are also  outside services agencies (non-Catholic community groups that we support) depended upon their Catholic neighbors.  This includes Porch and the IFC…among others.

Why not attend our council meeting tonight and see your friends and neighbors at work.  They will be happy to see you and look forward to working with you on a parish or Knights of Columbus program or project.

Oh, I forgot… We have new officers.  They are the core of our Council.  Many have served before and some have served as a Grand Knight or Faithful Navigator.  You might think that they would take a break.  Nope.  Most will keep on giving because it is what needs to be done.  But, I digress.  I promised a list of Council Officers.  Just click on this link or select  “Officers” in the banner above:

See you tonight.

Joe Acciarito

p.s.  If you are looking for information about the Knights of Columbus, you are welcome to call one of us.  In fact, why not give a call to Joe Acciarito at 919-428-3620. Joe is quite active in our Council and has served in our Membership Committee.  He’s one of the smiling faces that are our “greeters” at the 9:15 Sunday mass.

Bishop Burbidge Tries Hand at Bocce

Bishop Burbidge BocceBrother John Aluise, Council 10910, St. Thomas More Parish, Chapel Hill, provides instruction on the game of Bocce to Bishop Burbidge, formerly the Bishop of the Raleigh Diocese, who was attending the St. Thomas More Church’s 75th anniversary at the annual parish festival.

Council 10910 conducts a Bocce game, including participants from the Special Olympics, to raise funds during the festival to add to its Operation LAMB Tootsie Roll campaign.

Member Training

Knights RecruitingYou may have felt lost when council members talk about recruiting, membership, and council growth.  It sounds like we are just about membership and recruiting new members and that is not entirely correct.

We are about family and helping our church growth through coordinated actions in support of our parish priests.  Our church has experienced rapid growth during the last ten years and it is only beginning.  We are a vibrant church and welcome families every month.  In addition, we are expanding our facilities, ministries, child care, and support of our neighbors and the elderly and home-bound through Meals on Wheels.  We are now working on the acquisition of Aldersgate United Methodist Church to form St. Thomas More Church South Campus.

But, it takes people–men of the parish–to provide the experience, support and services needed.  We also need to renew our officer pool of Third Degree Knights.  We grow our own and that means we need to gain new members.  How can you help?  You can attend Membership Training hosted by Supreme and it is all on-line as a webinar.  Best of all, it is a night time webinar presented at 8 p.m. on August 30th.

Join Fraternal Mission presenters for a training webinar identifying the best ways to recruit new members for our council and get them engaged in charitable activity.

The one-hour webinar will provide a detailed look at the how, what and why of recruiting new members.  We will explore:

  • Recruitment Skills Training
  • Best Practices in running effective Church Recruitment Drives
  • Setting goals and Earning the Star Council Award

Register today.  You will fill out a brief form and then access a link to test your portal and Flash player.  All webinars are recorded and available on demand.

Can you hear your inner voice calling you to service?

Jerry’s New Year’s Day Pig Picking – That’s Barbecue!


Everybody chips in to get the job done. Here knights pull pig for charity.

The New Year is fast approaching and brother knight Jerry Pilarski is again hosting his annual New Year’s Day barbecue in the country.  The Pilarski’s have been doing this with family and friends for almost FIFTY years as their way to thank friends and join together for the new year.

If you know Jerry, you are invited.  If you don’t know Jerry, then it is time to learn about a wonderful person in our Knights of Columbus that has made it his personal mission to do something for others ALL THE TIME without expectation of something in return.

The Pig Picking Event is on January 1st. We gather at about 1:30 to 3 p.m. to be ready to serve and eat at 3:30 pm. Everyone is asked to bring a covered dish or dessert to share. Beverages and pulled pig are provided with hush puppies.  We will gather for the blessing and eat at 3:30 p.m.

The barbecue is at the Orange Grove 4H Cattle Barn on Orange Grove Road at Dairyland Rd, just above the firehouse. Take NC 54 or Dairyland Rd from Carrboro to Orange Grove Road, then turn right.

LAMB Volunteers Needed

LAMB Project Jerry PilarskiWe are above all family and it is to our family and extended community family that we reach out to help and to ask for help.  We can do great things for the less fortunate in our town, but we can do even more with the help of the parish and local community.

We need everyone’s help now to support Operation Lamb at seven local sites on October 11, 12, and 13th.  If you are a knight, a college student, an at home dad, a grandparent, a business leader, a local church (any church) community service person, or just a person with some free time, we can use you to fill 148 two-hour stations at local stores and food markets.  No experience needed.

We provide the on-site training, give you the candy to pass out for free, and a canister to collect donations.  We do not sell our candy.  We give large Tootsie Roll candy bars to everyone we see.  We expect nothing.  We let the Holy Spirit take over from there.

We have been doing this in North Carolina since 1960 and have raised over $21 million dollars!  Where does the money go?  It stays here in our town.  We support the Arc of Orange County, Special Olympics, and other groups who serve our children and adults with special or intellectual disabilities.  There are no administrative costs.  Our council provides for that.  You provide the time, the smile, the handshake, and the encouraging word.

Are you ready to volunteer?  Contact John Aluise at 919-967-3882 or email him at:

To learn more about Operation LAMB and the Operation LAMB Foundation visit their website.  Corporate donations and sponsorship are welcome.  Tell them that the Chapel Hill Knights of Columbus inspired you to do more.  Learn more

Getting Back to Basics

Tonight the Friends and Family Hall was filled with about 500 children.  It was not the normal St. Thomas More Church students.  It was the children of the families not attending our Catholic school.

It was a wonderful sight.  Young men and women from middle and high schools engaging in a review of the Catholic Mass.  They started the night with the viewing of The Catholic Mass and then with a student game show using one student from each grade to challenge the students’ understanding of the Mass.

All of the students and instructors then moved to the sanctuary to hear Fr. James Labosky, our Parochial Vicar, explain the parts of the Liturgy of the Mass and Liturgy of the Eucharist.  There was a lot to explain and a lot of questions to ask.  The students asked good questions and the session could easily have been three hours, not one.  We are very fortunate to have him with us to lead our children in faith development.

It reminded this writer of the importance of getting back to basics.  We are doing this in our council by offering information on church teachings, programs, and history.  Have you visited our new section on the Catechism?  Learn more

If you are not inspired to learn more, maybe you just need to be reminded of the beauty and sacredness of our Mass. As our Lord said, “Do this in memory of me.”

Mass is celebrated each day in every time zone around the earth. If performed at the same hour, it is the biggest wave of continuous prayer, thanksgiving and blessing traveling around and around, as one.  We join with millions of Catholics around the world to call upon the Holy Spirit to join us.  Watch this video and be inspired, humbled, and thankful.

Defending our Religion

Are you proud of your family? Your Catholic family? Are you an advocate? An apostle? Do you share your faith with others?

We are all missionaries. We, the Knights of Columbus, are very proud of our church and we seek to share our love for our church and community by serving others.

Share the joy with others!

Take time out each day for prayer. Be thankful for your blessings and ask for help in serving others. Read a passage from the bible and think about it. Share the good news with others. Talk to other men of the church and ask them to join you in the Knights. Encourage others to join the patriotic Fourth Degree.

How do we build our church? One act at a time. Brick by brick we add structure to our parish and make it a welcoming home for non-Catholics and returning Catholics. Evangelize.

Need help? Want to learn more? Why not check out what others are saying as they defend our religion. Learn more. Visit Defenders of the Catholic Faith.

Annual event to honor parish priests

The Council 10910 fourth annual Priest Appreciation Dinner will be on September 9 at La Residence Restaurant & Bar, 202 West Rosemary St, Chapel Hill.  

We will gather at 6 pm for cocktails and sit down for dinner at 6:30.  Cost will be $30 per person.  Price includes salad, dinner, iced tea, coffee, tax and tip.  There will also be a cash bar.  Family members and friends are invited.

Please RSVP no later than August 31 to Gene Keeling so that he can get a headcount.

Knights Honor Parish and Local Priests and Religious

The Council was well represented this past Wednesday as they gathered with their spouses to honor the local priests of St. Thomas More Church and the Newman Center at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

They joined together at the Durham University Club (17 stories up and overlooking Durham and Orange Counties). It was a large gathering that took advantage of the Club’s weekly member buffet.

This gave the Council members an opportunity to recognize the significant contributions of our priests. They work hard for us and sure deserved a chance to break away for a few hours.

Remember, too, that we should recognize our priests, religious, and lay leaders all year through. Invite them to your home for an afternoon or evening. If you have a special event or family gathering, consider inviting them. They may not be able to attend, but you may be making an offer that fits right in. They are part of our family.

If you missed the event, here are a few pictures of part of our buffet and dessert table.