Call to Help for Texas

Many people in the Gulf Coast of Texas are reeling from the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey this weekend. Thousands have evacuated their homes, many of which have been damaged or destroyed.
The recovery process is going to be a long and painful one, and your support is urgently needed.
Please DONATE TODAY to help those suffering such devastation. One hundred percent of the proceeds will go directly to relief efforts. This includes providing immediate needs such as food, clean water, shelter and other necessities.
God bless you for your support.
  –  Knights of Columbus

1 Columbus Plaza, New Haven, CT 06510

Civility in America

Help the Knights of Columbus mend the tone of America’s political discourse.

Responding to Americans’ growing frustration with campaign rhetoric and the tone of the national discourse, the Knights of Columbus has launched a national, non-partisan initiative to give voice to Americans’ desire for civility in public discourse.

You can sign the Civility in America petition here.

A new website and a series of full-page national newspaper ads – beginning with an ad in the July 26th edition of USA TODAY – encourages readers nationwide to sign the online petition at Facebook users can show support by “liking” the petition at

This initiative is in step with Knights of Columbus-Marist polling that finds nearly 8 in 10 Americans are frustrated by the tone of the country’s political conversation.

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