Our faith is what drives the men of the Knights of Columbus.  We share our faith and church with others in our parish and community.  We get our strength from the teachings of our church.

In a time of “Me” and “Us,” we are thinking of family and others.  Our purpose is to help others and to spread His teachings.

You may find strength, too, in sharing some of our stories of faith, caring, sharing, and giving to others.  When it is not about us, we learn that we can accomplish great things in His name.

The Knights programs for faith are focused on Spiritual Reflection and Holy Hour done during Advent and Lent. Please check the calendar for the next adoration night and join the council for adoration.

Refund Support Vocations Program (RSVP) helps our seminarians by providing spiritual support through prayer, financial support, and letters of support.

Into the Breach is a video session the Knights host.

Praying the Rosary is done before every member meeting and we provide a rosary to all new members. The Rosary is a symbol of our commitment to Mary and is considered our “Sword and Shield.”