Robert Wirth

Sir Knight Robert Wirth

Heroes come in many forms. Some save life and some give life. Some help others who need a helping hand so that they, too, can have a better life. One such hero is our Bob Wirth.

Bob is everywhere pitching in. He is on parish councils, works with his wife in Generations of Faith, cooks meals, offers wise counsel as a professional and friend, serves and has served on many Council committees, led the IFC Food Drive, and has held office as our Treasurer. Bob is also a Fourth Degree Knight of Columbus.

You will find Bob in a lot of council pictures. No, he is not seeking news coverage, he is just there rolling his sleeves up doing what has to be done. Bob may not know this, nor would he stand up in front to acknowledge it, but he has made a great impact on those who have had the pleasure to work with him. He inspires others.

Reprinted from Chapel Hill KnightLine, August 16, 2005

Postscript:  Bob has since graduated from Law School and is a practicing attorney.  He is active in the church and community.  He started a program in the  Council to feed the poor and assist the Interfaith Council Pantry.

Bob went to Food Lion and arranged for matching funds or special discounts to increase the buying power of money the council raised.  Next, he gathered the knights together to collect funds for the project after mass.  The money bought truckloads of food that was picked up by Bob and his volunteers for delivery to the IFC Food Pantry.  The food drives from the Knights were always scheduled for the periods when no other groups were assisting the IFC Pantry.  Their cupboards were bare many months of the year and the Knights filled them.

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