Operation LAMB is our community outreach program to help mentally and physically handicapped children.  Sometimes it is referred to as the Tootsie Roll project because we give away thousands and thousands of Tootsie Rolls to draw attention to our program.

Why “Operation LAMB?” we are often asked.  It comes from the bible, “inasmuch as you have done to the Least Among My Brethren, you have done unto me.”

For Chapel Hill, we work with Wal-Mart, Harris-Teeter, Lowe’s, and Food Lion and setup a display at their entrances.  We give the candy away and people often put in our canisters a dollar, a twenty, a nickel or a dime.  Sometimes we get pennies.   No gift is too big or too small.  What we collect go right back to our local community.  We have no administrative costs (save the actual cost of the candy).

Corporate donors can make a donation to our North Carolina Operation LAMB Foundation, a 501(c)3 charity.

Look for our knights in their bright yellow vests.  Enjoy the candy as our gift.

You can also volunteer to help in our community fundraiser.  We provide the on-site training, give you the candy to pass out for free, and a canister to collect donations.  We do not sell our candy.  We give large Tootsie Roll candy bars to everyone we see.  We expect nothing.  We let the Holy Spirit take over from there.

We have been doing this in North Carolina since 1960 and have raised over $21 million dollars!  Where does the money go?  It stays here in our town.  We support the Arc of Orange County, Special Olympics, and other groups who serve our children and adults with special or intellectual disabilities.  There are no administrative costs.  Our council provides for that.  You provide the time, the smile, the handshake, and the encouraging word.

To learn more about Operation LAMB and the Operation LAMB Foundation visit their website.  Corporate donations and sponsorship are welcome.  Tell them that the Chapel Hill Knights of Columbus inspired you to do more.  Learn more

Download Lamb story.

But, before you go, take a moment to read our Christmas Story, it will put it all in perspective.

If you are interested in donating or volunteering please use the form provided.