Pancake Breakfast

Our pancake breakfasts have a long, long history and are a tradition at St. Thomas More Church.  The breakfasts were a periodic event of the Men’s Club.  The Men’s Club included all men of the church and included non-catholic husbands and friends of the church.

The Men’s Club was the go-to group of men who helped build and repair our church and church school.  They wired buildings, landscaped, put in telephone/light poles at the school, raised money for the school and helped everywhere they could.  They still perform this important ministry and most are Knights of Columbus.

The Council now hosts the monthly pancake breakfasts to continue this tradition.  You will find not only knights, but STM youth group, Men’s Club members, Catholic Daughters, wives, grandchildren and children of knights.  You will also find friends of the knights pitching in.  That’s because it is a church ministry and all are welcome to assist with cooking, setup, serving, cleanup, and tearing down tables and chairs.

We are building church by making possible a gathering of families and friends one Sunday a month.  How about you?  Have you brought your family to the Friends and Family Hall for breakfast? Visit our square payment page to pay online and see our offerings.

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