The Knights of Columbus support a youth program for young men under the age of 18.  Columbian Squires are a self-governing group supported by the council and guided by one or more members as advisors.  Learn more

The youth of our parish are the future of our church and community.  They join together as a Columbian Squires Circle in our church.

Circle’s are not managed by the council.  They are independent and run by the youth members.  We only provide guidance, resources, and mentoring.  Learn more

Circle projects include fundraising for special causes and working with the Knights at the parish monthly pancake breakfasts.  There are more.

An example of one of their projects was the raising of $1,500 to aid the National D-Day Memorial in Bedford, Virginia.  Read story

Postscript:  A lot has happened since Gracian D’Cruz and other Squires completed their inaugural project.  It resulted in national recognition for his high school Honors English teacher, funds for the memorial, and more.  Read …”the rest of the story.”

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