Divine Mercy Message from Supreme

Mar 30 2008 - VID00013 0 00 19-06As Christians throughout the world prepare to commemorate the last hours of Jesus’ passion, we invite each of our brother Knights and their families to pray the Novena to the Divine Mercy. The novena begins Good Friday and ends on Divine Mercy Sunday, April 23. The prayers of the Divine Mercy Chaplet, said on each day of the novena, can be found here.
Learn more about the devotion to the Divine Mercy by checking out the Knights of Columbus #MercyStories YouTube series. The series focuses on Catholics whose lives have been transformed by their devotion to the Divine Mercy message.
To watch the videos, click here.

Getting Back to Basics

Tonight the Friends and Family Hall was filled with about 500 children.  It was not the normal St. Thomas More Church students.  It was the children of the families not attending our Catholic school.

It was a wonderful sight.  Young men and women from middle and high schools engaging in a review of the Catholic Mass.  They started the night with the viewing of The Catholic Mass and then with a student game show using one student from each grade to challenge the students’ understanding of the Mass.

All of the students and instructors then moved to the sanctuary to hear Fr. James Labosky, our Parochial Vicar, explain the parts of the Liturgy of the Mass and Liturgy of the Eucharist.  There was a lot to explain and a lot of questions to ask.  The students asked good questions and the session could easily have been three hours, not one.  We are very fortunate to have him with us to lead our children in faith development.

It reminded this writer of the importance of getting back to basics.  We are doing this in our council by offering information on church teachings, programs, and history.  Have you visited our new section on the Catechism?  Learn more

If you are not inspired to learn more, maybe you just need to be reminded of the beauty and sacredness of our Mass. As our Lord said, “Do this in memory of me.”

Mass is celebrated each day in every time zone around the earth. If performed at the same hour, it is the biggest wave of continuous prayer, thanksgiving and blessing traveling around and around, as one.  We join with millions of Catholics around the world to call upon the Holy Spirit to join us.  Watch this video and be inspired, humbled, and thankful.