She Gave Us Strength

Amelia Young

Last December, we lost one of the ladies that made a brother Knight a better man.  She also served as a role model for others in her family and our church.  Amelia Young, age 77, and life-long friend and wife of Sir Knight Kai Young, was a women who was there for the men in her life, even as her life was failing.

We share her eulogy with you today as a reminder that behind every Knight is a Lady who makes us, no, made us, who we are.  We are truly blessed with such remarkable wives, mothers, sisters, daughters and family who are the pillars under These Men Called Knights.

Eulogy, Amelia Bensan Young, as read by their son, Vincent B. Young, MD/PhD, Associate Professor, The University of Michigan.  

Remember, Tempus fugit, memento mori.