There’s Work To Be Done

It’s July and we have already passed the July 4th Holiday and all of the family excitement.  However, our Catholic Family needs our attention.

The new “council year” starts with our July 17th meeting.  You are  encouraged to attend, especially if you do not attend on a regular basis.  We often talk about “the ten percent.”  That’s the ten percent of any group that can be counted on to make the group work.  But, just imagine if we could get 25% or 50% of our members to step up and make things possible for members of our parish.

What’s needed?  Well there are over 100 ministries in our parish.  There are also  outside services agencies (non-Catholic community groups that we support) depended upon their Catholic neighbors.  This includes Porch and the IFC…among others.

Why not attend our council meeting tonight and see your friends and neighbors at work.  They will be happy to see you and look forward to working with you on a parish or Knights of Columbus program or project.

Oh, I forgot… We have new officers.  They are the core of our Council.  Many have served before and some have served as a Grand Knight or Faithful Navigator.  You might think that they would take a break.  Nope.  Most will keep on giving because it is what needs to be done.  But, I digress.  I promised a list of Council Officers.  Just click on this link or select  “Officers” in the banner above:

See you tonight.

Joe Acciarito

p.s.  If you are looking for information about the Knights of Columbus, you are welcome to call one of us.  In fact, why not give a call to Joe Acciarito at 919-428-3620. Joe is quite active in our Council and has served in our Membership Committee.  He’s one of the smiling faces that are our “greeters” at the 9:15 Sunday mass.

Patriotism and Catholic Heritage

KofC Color Guard 2013Our Fourth Degree Knights are gearing up for their annual trek to Caldwell in rural Durham County to lead their annual July 4th Parade.  It is an annual event that gives them the opportunity to demonstrate patriotism in Catholic gentlemen.

What are you doing on July 4th?  Why not join them for the parade and picnic that follows?  It all starts around 10 a.m. with picnic area setup and family gatherings. The parade begins to move at 10:45, but starts at 11 a.m. (but be in Caldwell by 10:30!)

There will be hot dogs and hamburgers for the Knights and their families.  You are asked to bring along a dish to share.  Can’t cook?  Stop by Bojangles for a bucket of chicken!  If you are broke or light on funds this week, go join them anyway.  They will  feed you and love to have you there with them.

Learn more about this event and get directions.  Click here

2004 – 10910, A Council in Crisis

It was eleven years ago and in the Summer of 2003 that the State Deputy and many state officers joined the council for their monthly meeting.  It was a time when few council members wanted to assume the office of Grand Knight.

This Little Light of Mine...Council members sat on one side of the the room as State Commander David O’nofrio sat at the Grand Knight’s chair and reminded the council of its history, contributions to the state, and potential.  We had hosted many events, hosted a state mid-year meeting, and co-hosted a State Convention.  He reminded us of what we have done during our ten year council life. He then asked the question, “Will no sir knight stand up to take the leadership role of the council as Grand Knight?”

The council chamber was still.  This writer remembered well the thought of the bible verse,

  • Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?” And I said, “Here am I. Send me!”  Isaiah 6:9

Many of the seasoned officers and past grand knights watched and listened for an answer from the members, yet the room remained still.  They knew that the solution must come from the members or junior officers.  If our council was to survive, we needed council participation.

It was now a question of our faith.  Our faith as Catholic gentlemen.  “Whom do we serve?  Is that not why we are Knights of Columbus?”  We are building church and serving our local priests and parish families.  If we did not continue our mission, what would be the impact on the parish and the community?

Then it happened.  A chair moved and one sir knight stood up and raised his voice.  He said that he knew little about leading a council, but with the help of other knights and past grand knights, he would give it a try. He would served as Council 10910 Grand Knight.  The voice was that of  Bill Jackson.

All in the chamber looked at him.  The State Deputy looked back at him standing there alone.  One solitary Sir Knight readied himself for the challenge.  Soon, other voices of support were heard.  “I’ll help you,” said one past grand knight.  Then another voice, and another.  The still room became alive with enthusiastic support and offers of help.

A lesson taught to all became our battle banner.  Many threads make a cord, many cords make a rope. There is strength in unity and sharing the load.  Together we are strong and all things are possible.

Thus began ten years of expansive council life.  Those then years are chronicled here on this web site.  You can read about them and reflect on the thousands of volunteer hours of knights before you who have built our council.  We have so much to be thankful for, to be proud of, and to pass on to the men of our church and parish.

We are once again at a cross roads.  Our council has many men with great talent and much to offer.  We ask that you reflect in prayer as knights of old.  Listen quietly and answer, “Here am I. Send me!”  You will not be alone.  He will guide you and give you strength.

Lee Heavlin, Past Grand Knight and Past Regional District Deputy – East
Follow Bill Jackson’s crusade by visiting  our 2004 web site archives.  Click here

The Making of a Sir Knight

Mar 30 2008 - VID00013 0 00 19-06The Fourth Degree is the pinnacle of the Knights of Columbus.  It is a special group of men who want to promote and display patriotism, be even more active in their church community and the knights, and to take on the hardest challenges facing Catholic men and families.

They form honor guards, provide support for special and Bishop’s masses, raise funds for special projects, visit hospitals, visit VA hospitals and veterans, lead parades, and attend events that promote and honor Life.

All members of the Fourth Degree must be a member of a council before joining a local assembly of Fourth Degree Sir Knights.  Of course, a candidate must be a member of his council’s Third Degree.

On February 28, a Fourth Degree Exemplification ceremony is being held for
brothers who are third degree can become part of our Assembly upon
completing this patriotic degree.

It takes place in Fayetteville at St. Patrick’s Church and starts at 10 am.
Candidates need to be there by 9:30 to check in.

If any brother knight wishes to apply, the local assembly will get an application to them throughout this week into the weekend, ending on February 22nd.

The Assembly’s Faithful Navigator, Jim Boyd, can be contacted directly at 919.932-9440 at home or 919.863-4811 at work.