Building Church

Catholic men have joined together at St. Thomas More Catholic Church for over 72 years. In 2015, we will celebrate our 75th Anniversary.  Knights think of their mission and ministry as Building Church.

Our men first joined together in the form of a Men’s Club.  It was open to all men of the church and had no restrictions on membership.  The men put up light poles, strung power lines, installed gardens, repaired things, held fundraisers, and so much more.  That’s how you build church…one brick at a time.

In this section we will celebrate the men of our church who are Knights.  We will share some of their stories with you.  Each one contributed much and many are still in the forefront of church programs, ministries and projects.  They are the leaders of St. Thomas  More Catholic Church serving our parish, our town, and our diocese.

Here just a few of their stories…

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