Survey Says…

Wow.  Thank all of you who participated in our recent council survey of service projects of interest.  We have received a number of responses and they are now in Gene Keeling’s hands.

We can make a form to fit your program, event, or project

Future on-line form filling will include events and reservations.  You will be able to just fill in a form and the project or program chairman can then open a spreadsheet with all responses listed.

This is a major step, as we move towards working smarter, not harder.  All projects include a lot of email going back and forth.  We lose some and miss others.

If you, as a  program chairman, need help with a poll of interested people, let the blogmaster know.  He can generate the poll and send the responses to you.

Just think about it….  We can now ask who can help with a pancake breakfast and they can include the job they want to help with; including times available.  So, before you send out that email query, contact the council blogmaster.

Want to learn more about how the Google on-line form works?

Using the council site tip:  Click on highlighted text to create an email or move to a new page.)

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