When Called By A Panther…

Words of inspiration from our council Trustees John Felten and Bill Lodge

“When Called by a Panther, Don’t Anther”

When Ogden Nash wrote these words nearly a century ago, he didn’t realize how prophetic they were in our age of robocalls and junk mail. Everybody in the world, it seems, feels entitled to some of our hard-earned cash.

National CathedralThere is another call we regularly receive, this one from God. It is simpler and more direct, and He doesn’t hassle us. When we take care of our family and children, when we do our job at work, when we participate in Parish activities, we are answering God’s call. The quid pro quo isn’t immediately obvious, but the rewards of taking care of our families, our jobs, and our Parish are tremendous, in this world and the next.

After, family, home, and Church, come the Knights of Columbus. The Knights do a LOT of work for our families and Parish and are indispensible members of our community. St. Thomas More would be a very different place without the work we do.

Right now, the Knights are in a bit of difficulty. It appears that the work associated with several top offices has scared a lot of potential talent away from these important jobs. Make no mistake, these posts are extremely important to our mission, and need to be filled. We are looking for a couple of generous souls who are willing to give their time and talent to helping make the Knights work for everybody.

“Dieu lo vult!” was the cry of the crusaders —“God wills it!” This is also true with the posts of Grand Knight and Deputy Grand Knight in our Council. Will you be the person who generously steps forward to do a VERY important job? The Knights will be grateful. The Parish will be grateful. And YOU will have the satisfaction of stepping up when you are needed.

Your Trustees, John Felten and Bill Lodge

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