Look around …

Have you taken time to just “look around?”  Do you jump into your car or pick-em-up truck and just go from here-to-there?  Can we even admit to driving blindly in Orange County and missing all of the things that are here for us?

Helping hands

Ouch.  Felt that one.  But, seriously, there is so much to do and see in our town and within Orange County.  I often find out about events after they happen or that happen on a day that I chose to write just one more note or story.

Our Council is huge by local standards, but it should be twice as large and four times as effective.  Yes, it is possible.  The secret is to “stop, look, and listen.”  Be a fly or butterfly for an afternoon.  Find a nice destination, get there, park the car and slowly, repeat, slowly walk about and just browse around.. Don’t be in a hurry.  Slow down.

If you can find a nice spot to sit down and watch people, listen to the ruffling tree branches, and the yelping of little tykes and frantic parents.  All is good as you absorb the sounds of our town.

So, how does this help you as a Knight of Columbus?  It’s the exposure to others and what is important to them.  It will help your reshuffle your priorities and come up with ideas on how to improve self and your surroundings.

If you look about the parish parking lot and school area you can see the results of others coming up with ideas and projects to improve the appearance of our church.  The Garden, the walkways, the pond overlook, the play fields, and more.  One such project of the Knights is “Parish Pride Day.”  It was inspired by one Knight working with another Knight to solve a problem.  The church was ready to open, but there was no money for landscaping!

The solution was individual contributions of funds, plants, talent, and a fun meal.  Yep! We created a mini-work project with hot off the grill food at the end of the morning.  And, it was an idea from a Knight with no cash, but a lot of inspiration. He even served as the cook for the next five years.  (Read the background story.)

How about you?  Do you have an idea that will help make things better,  Improve our Council or Assembly, or have a project to help others?  Now is the time to share.

Lastly, if you need an energy boost and a day out with a buddy, your kids, your spouse or a brother knight, explore Orange County.  Visit the Orange County Visitor’s Center on-line and learn about the hundreds of things ready and waiting for you stop by and explore.  Learn more

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